In The Shadow of Cancer

In the shadow of a word, cancer,
A journey begins, not one of choice.
Through valleys deep and mountains steep,
We find not solitude, but a collective voice.

With every step, a hand extends,
From those we love, to those who mend.
Friends, family, and healers too,
A tapestry of support, steadfast and true.

In moments weak, when spirits wane,
Love becomes the strongest bane.
Gentle words, a soothing touch,
Simple acts that mean so much.

Doctors and nurses, guides in the night,
Shedding hope, a beacon bright.
Their wisdom, a map; their care, a balm,
In the fiercest storm, they bring a calm.

Through the darkest nights, when fears assail,
The bonds of love, they never fail.
A laugh, a cry, shared pain, and joy,
In every moment, love employ.

For in this fight, where courage reigns,
It’s love that heals, love sustains.
A journey shared, a burden halved,
In every act of care, love is carved.

So to those walking this rugged path,
Know that love’s light guides the aftermath.
In every trial, in every tear,
The strength of love is always near.

May this poem be a gentle hug,
A reminder that, in love, we’re snug.
For through the trials of cancer’s quest,
It’s in unity that we find our rest.

Let this verse, a beacon be,
For those in darkness, struggling to see.
In love and support, a powerful plea,
Together, stronger, we’ll always be.