Short Videos – It’s All About Life

In this section, you will find various short videos that are both inspiring and educational. You will find videos that range from philosophy to spirituality. To live a fulfilled life, you must incorporate both aspects of life. I hope you will find them both enjoyable and informative as you travel your journey to wellness.

Awaken from the Dream: Many live their lives as if they are in a dream and never see the world as it truly is. They spend time going from one thing to another and never become centered and at peace.




Love is the glue that keeps our world together. It is important to consider love in your life and to incorporate the aspects that make up love in every event, moment, and time you have in your life.


Achievement is within us all. We can achieve more today than in any other time or civilization. We havee to tools to succeed in all things if we only believe in ourselves. Take a few moments to consider how we all can harness the power to achieve al we desire in life.

Reflections: A short meditation on the reality that all we see is a reflection of what is true reality.
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