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Dr. Ronald Bissell

I have firsthand experience of the devastating impact that a diagnosis of cancer or another life-threatening disease can have on both oneself and loved ones. Over four years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable bone cancer [2]. I underwent various treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgeries, bone-strengthening medicine, and targeted antibody infusions, but unfortunately, I couldn’t achieve remission despite trying six different chemotherapy regimens [2].

In the spring of 2022, my chemotherapy started losing effectiveness, and I faced another relapse. I had several options to consider. Doing nothing meant my body’s resistance to the disease would eventually fail, leading to my demise. Continuing chemotherapy was also not viable, as I had exhausted six of nine standard therapies without success. This left me with two choices: a Car T procedure or a stem cell transplant [2].

After extensive discussions with my primary oncologist and the transplant surgeon, I decided that a stem cell transplant would prolong my life and potentially improve its quality [2]. The transplant took place in the spring of 2022, and I achieved remission for 10 months. However, my cancer eventually recurred, and in June of 2023, I underwent the CAR T procedure [2].

Overcoming the physical and cognitive challenges resulting from years of treatment will take time, but my disease has stabilized for now. I know the disease may eventually advance, requiring new strategies to extend my life [2].

Throughout my journey, I have learned valuable lessons, with the most significant being the realization that no matter what adversity we face, we must use the miracle of life to positively impact the world around us. We can use our energy to support others through their trials and show them how life’s challenges can transform us for the better, enabling them to see the world from a different perspective [3].

To assist those embarking on the daunting journey of battling an unseen enemy, I created compassionatevoices.org. This platform aims to provide guidance and support to individuals in similar circumstances through no fault of their own. In a time of rapid change and progress, where treatments and cures are becoming more abundant, embracing a positive and fearless mindset is crucial. I hope to rally like-minded individuals who share this vision and work together to change the prevailing perception of life-threatening diseases, creating a better world where they are no longer the norm [3].

If you want to join our cause, please complete a simple form to add your name and address to our member list. Together, through our compassionate voices, we can support one another on this journey towards better health [3].

Wishing you good health,

Dr. Ronald Bissell


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