In whispered breaths, a tender solace we find,
Amid the trials of a journey unkind.
When shadows linger and hope seems to wane,
There blooms a garden where spirits sustain.

Within the silence, where thoughts gently sway,
A sacred haven
where we pause and pray.
Through cancer’s labyrinth, we search for light,
In depths of solitude, where strength takes flight.

As treatment courses, a steady hand to guide us,
We find solace in reflections deep inside.
In quiet moments, we close our weary eyes
And feel the gentle touch of grace arise.

Amidst the chaos, a respite we discover,
In introspection’s embrace, we uncover,
A tapestry of memories, both old and new,
Where dreams and aspirations shine through.

In contemplation, the whispers of the soul,
Unveiling strength that helps us reach our goal.
We cherish life’s fragility, bittersweet,
And find resilience in each heartbeat’s beat.

In stillness, we learn the beauty of surrender,
To let go of what was, with hope, so tender.
To embrace the present, one moment at a time;
with faith and courage, our spirits climb.

Even in the face of life’s greatest fight,
A quiet warrior emerges, shining bright.
Each breath is a testament to love’s enduring flame,
As we navigate the storm, strengthened by its name.

So let us find solace in these introspective hours,
Where seeds of hope bloom amidst life’s flowers.
For in the gentle whispers of contemplation’s grace,
We find the strength to conquer, rise, and embrace

Ronald Bissell Poetic Voices 2