Whispers of Courage

In the depths of darkness, where shadows loom,

A spirit emerged, strong and immune.

With cancer’s grip, it sought to bind,

But within the survivor, resilience is defined.

Whispers of encouragement danced in the air,

Filling the heart with a newfound flair.

Each breath is a testament, a battle cry,

For within the survivor, hope would not die.

Through tears and pain, a warrior arose,

Unyielding strength, like a radiant rose.

In the face of adversity, a light did gleam,

As the survivor embraced their inner beam.

With courage as armor, they faced the fight,

Their spirit ablaze, burning bright.

Each day a triumph, a step forward taken,

With whispers of encouragement never forsaken.

In the silence of solitude, they found solace,

The whispers of encouragement, a gentle embrace.

They carried the survivor through the darkest night,

Guiding them towards a future so bright.

With every setback, they found a way,

To rise above, to seize the day.

The power within, an unstoppable force,

As the survivor embraced life’s vibrant course.

In the tapestry of scars, a story was weaved,

Of a soul that triumphed, never deceived.

With inner strength and courage, they stood tall,

A testament to the whispers that echoed in their soul.

So let us celebrate the survivor’s grace,

Their unwavering spirit, a beacon in space.

For within their heart, the whispers still ring,

A reminder that courage forever will sing.

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