The Pain of Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis, a heavy blow

Emotional trauma, hard to show

The fear, the doubt, the unknown ahead

A life disrupted, a path misread

A whirlwind of emotions, hard to contain

Anxiety, anger, and endless pain

A battle to fight, a war to wage

A journey ahead, a difficult stage

The tears that fall, the sleepless nights

The endless questions, the endless fights

The pain that lingers, the scars that remain

A heart that’s broken, a soul in pain

A support system, a vital aid

A hand to hold, a shoulder to braid

Love and care, a soothing balm

A light in the darkness, a healing calm

A will to live, a hope to cling

A heart that beats, a song to sing

A warrior’s spirit, a strength to rise

A life to cherish, a hope that lies

In the end, a lesson learned

A journey that forever burned

A life that’s precious, 

a love that’s true

A battle won, a life renewed.

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