I Once Had a Sister

A sister’s love is like no other,
A bond that lasts forevermore.
But fate can be a cruel mother,
And take away what we adore.

Lou Gehrig’s disease, a ruthless foe,
Took your sister from your side.
And though your heart was filled with woe,
You knew she had to say goodbye.

The tears you shed were bittersweet,
For memories of her filled your heart.
Though now apart, you still could meet,
For she will always be a part.

In time, acceptance came to you,
For though she’s gone, her spirit stays.
And in your heart, you know it’s true,
She’s watching over you always.

So when you feel that ache inside,
And wish that she could be here now,
Just close your eyes, and you will find,
She’s with you, in your heart somehow.

For though she’s gone, her love remains,
And in that love, you’ll find your peace.
Your sister’s memory will sustain,
And from your pain, you’ll find release.

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