Battle of Cells: The War Within the Body

In the citadel of flesh and bone, unseen by the eye,
A war unfolds, where no mortal can descry,
Cells, the legions, and life’s secret keepers,
Fight a battle grim in trenches hidden deeper.

White blood cells, the warriors of the immune,
Clash with invaders in the body’s secret room,
A battle unforgiving, a fight without remorse,
Guarding the fortress of life’s vital force.

On the battlefield of veins and sinew,
Antibodies charge, their aim ever true,
Against bacteria, viruses, a never-ending fight,
A war in shadows, far from the light.

Cancer’s cruel march, a mutiny within,
A foe most treacherous, a relentless din,
Yet hope, the healer, will take its stand,
With medicine’s sword and research’s guiding hand.

Cells divide, and cells will fall,
In the body’s chambers, inside us all,
A battle constant, a war without end,
Life’s hidden struggle, on which we depend.

T-cells and B-cells in the noble array,
Against disease and decay, they hold the sway,
But when balance falters, when harmony breaks,
A struggle ensues, and the very soul shakes.

In microscopic trenches, the fight rages on,
The battle of cells, from dusk to dawn,
The war within us, a dance so divine,
A complex tangle of life’s thin lines.

May we honor the battle, the unseen fray,
In the body’s depths, night and day,
For in each heartbeat, in each living breath,
Lies a tale of life, a defiance of death.

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