Scarred Body

In the depths of darkness, a story unfolds,

Of a body adorned with scars untold.

Each mark, a testament of strength and grace,

A survivor’s journey etched on this brave face.

Scars that whisper tales of battles fought,

Where hope prevailed and fear was naught.

They are not blemishes, but badges of might,

For they shine with resilience, gleaming bright.

Through trials endured, this body stands tall,

A testament to the will to conquer all.

With every scar, a story is weaved,

Of a survivor’s spirit that cannot be deceived.

The beauty lies not in perfection’s guise,

But in the strength that each scar implies.

For they speak of resilience, of courage untamed,

A survivor’s body, forever unashamed.

So let us celebrate this body so strong,

For it has endured and overcome for so long.

In every scar, we see a triumph anew,

A reminder of the strength that resides in you.

So wear your scars with pride, my dear,

For they show the world you have no fear.

You are a survivor, a warrior of light,

Your body a canvas, painted with might.

Embrace the beauty in every line,

For it tells a story that is wholly thine.

You are a survivor, and your body shows,

The resilience and strength that only a survivor knows.