When All Goes Wrong

Cancer, a harsh and unforgiving foe,

Arrives uninvited, with a vicious blow.

It tears apart our body, mind, and soul,

Leaves us feeling helpless,

out of control.

But as we weave our way through treatment,

We learn lessons that were previously latent.

We learn the value of every single day,

And to never take a moment for granted,

come what may.

We learn the power of our own will,

To fight with all our might,

until We can see the light at the end of the tunnel,

And feel the joy of remission that we can’t quite funnel.

We learn to appreciate the love around us,

And to lean on those who lift us up, without fuss.

We learn the meaning of strength and resilience,

And to face our fears with a newfound brilliance.

Cancer may have taken so much from us,

But it also gives lessons, priceless and precious.

Lessons that we will carry with us forever,

As we continue our journey,

stronger and wiser.

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