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Overcoming Emotional and Psychological Challenges in Cancer Patients

Cancer may be a frightening and emotionally taxing experience for individuals and their loved ones. A host of emotional and psychological disorders typically accompany the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from cancer. However, several coping mechanisms and strategies can help cancer patients manage and overcome these difficulties. This article will...
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My Journey to Health

My Journey to Health – What I Learned and the Struggles I Faced Image Source: FreeImages ‍ We all have ups and downs, but when it comes to our health, we should be working towards ups more often than downs. Everyone has their own unique struggles, but there are...
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What if I had cancer? The (Painfully) Honest Truth

  You might think that cancer is the kind of thing you would know if you had it. After all, this illness has a reputation for being aggressive and sneaky. You hear stories about people who are in perfect health one day, then diagnosed with cancer the next —...
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5 Tips on How to Lead a Fulfilled Life

Five Tips on How to Lead a Fulfilled Life When Diagnosed with a Life-Threatening Disease You see them everywhere – those inspiring Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and Tweets about finding happiness in even the most challenging of circumstances. But when you are facing a life-threatening disease, it’s not as...
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