The Colors of Courage.

In the canvas of life, colors blend, a tapestry woven,

where journeys ascend, and in the face of trials that test,

courageous souls rise, they’re truly blessed.

Each victory, no matter how small,

Becomes a hue in this painting’s sprawl,

A brushstroke of bravery, bold and bright,

Illuminating even the darkest night.

Amidst the shadows that may fall,

They find the strength to stand tall,

To face their fears, to persevere,

To dry the tears and conquer the sear.

The colors of courage, a vibrant array,

With shades of hope that light their way,

In moments when doubt may cloud the mind,

They find the courage to redefine.

A stroke of red for battles won,

A crimson hue for what’s been done,

For every hurdle they’ve surpassed,

A hue of gold, an iconoclast.

The green of growth, of learning’s bloom,

With every step beyond the gloom,

And as they journey through the haze,

A blue emerges, guiding their ways.

Through every challenge, they persist,

A purple glow, they do insist,

With faith and love, they heal the heart,

Transforming pain into a work of art.

With every color they wield,

they’re revealed in their triumphs,

A masterpiece of strength and grace,

A testament to the human race.

So, celebrate each victory small,

For they create a tapestry tall,

The colors of courage, bright and bold, I

n the story of life, beautifully told.

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