Tomorrow’s Sunrise

In the realm where shadows dwell,

Amidst a fight where hearts rebel,

There blooms a seed, so pure and bright,

A beacon of hope, a guiding light.

For in the face of daunting strife,

A symphony of courage comes to life,

In hearts that beat with fierce desire,

To conquer darkness, to rise up higher.

Like whispers in a gentle breeze,

The promise of tomorrow sets us at ease,

A tapestry of dreams, we bravely weave,

In every soul that dares to believe.

We gather strength from deep within,

With steadfast hearts that refuse to thin,

United in spirit, we stand as one,

With hope as radiant as the rising sun.

For cancer, though it casts its gloom,

Can never dim the human bloom,

It cannot steal our inner fire,

Nor quench the flames of our desire.

With every battle waged and won,

New chapters of life have just begun,

Each step forward, a victory dance,

An invitation to life’s grand expanse.

Through treatment’s journey, we will stride,

With love as armor by our side, Supportive hands and caring hearts,

Together we create the most wondrous arts.

For in the chasms of despair,

A symphony of hope fills the air.

The melodies of joy start to chime,

As we embrace a brighter paradigm.

So let us foster anticipation’s flame,

As we move beyond the cancer game,

With optimism as our guiding star,

A future brighter, we shall unbar.

For in each soul, a story unfolds,

Of resilience, courage, and strength untold,

A testament to the human spirit’s grace,

And the beauty that lies beyond this space.

So let us dream and soar,

For brighter horizons lie in store,

In this journey, we find our way,

To a future blessed with a brand-new day.

Ronald Bissell Poetic Voices 2