Every person diagnosed with cancer or another life-threatening disease must, during treatment, understand their spiritual nature and how that spiritual part of their being can be a source of comfort and healing. I realized early in my treatment, and through the messages, I understood how important it is to allow my spiritual nature to lead the direction of my healing journey.

The Seven Soul Space Meditations

The Soul Space Meditation audio program is a seven-part series of spiritual meditations. Each will bring you closer to your spiritual center and allow you to use the strength and wisdom of that center to carry you through the difficult phases of your healing journey and beyond. Because they can be hypnotic to some, DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING ANY DANGEROUS MACHINERY.

Seven Soul Space Meditations
Whispers -A Series of famous quotes to help quiet your mind.
A Meditation of Peace
Unity a meditation based upon the book “Unity”
The importance of belief
A personal Journey of transformation