Lessons from Cancer

Through the depths of pain and fear

Cancer’s lessons became clear

A journey that was never sought

Yet, teachings that cannot be bought

First, to cherish each day

For tomorrow is not promised,

They say to value the moments we share

And let love and kindness be our prayer

To embrace life with open arms

And find beauty in its charms

To see the world with new eyes

And appreciate its endless skies

To hold dear the ones we love

And thank the stars above

For the time we have been given

And the love that keeps on living

Cancer taught me to be strong

Even when things seem to go wrong T

to fight with all my might

And never give up the fight

To trust in the power of hope

And the resilience that helps us cope

To be grateful for each new dawn

And the courage to carry on

So I give thanks to cancer today

For the lessons it taught me along the way

And the gratitude that fills my heart

For every precious moment from the start.