Cancer: A relentless Foe

In the realm of battles fought,

a tale unfolds,

A journey marked by courage,

amidst pain untold.

Through trials and tribulations,

you’ve carried on,

]A warrior’s spirit,

forever strong.

Multiple back surgeries,

the surgeon’s skilled hand,

Mending the fractures that tried to withstand.

The right femur replaced,

a pillar renewed,

As you faced each challenge,

your strength pursued.

Radiation’s embrace,

a dance with the light,

Bathing your being, ]

in its healing might.

Antibody therapy,

a beacon of hope,

Guiding you through hardships,

helping you cope.

Years of chemotherapy,

an arduous fight,

With each passing day,

your spirit burning bright.

Tenacious and unwavering,

you stood tall,

Defying the odds,

you gave it your all.

A stem cell transfusion,

a hope to restore,

But fate had other plans,

knocking at the door.

After ten months,

the road took a turn,

Yet your resilience remains,

steadfast and stern.

Now in the midst of CAR-T,

a beacon of dreams, A glimmer of hope,

like a sunbeam that gleams.

May it bring an end

to this rollercoaster ride,

And bring healing and peace,

where pain does subside.

Through valleys of despair

and mountains so steep,

You’ve climbed with courage,

your soul runs deep.

The scars you bear,

like badges of honor,

A testament to strength,

that won’t falter.

With every battle fought,

you’ve persevered,

With every setback faced,

you’ve never veered.

May this chapter be

the end of your strife,

And usher in a future, brimming with life.

In the tapestry of life,

you’re an inspiration,

A symbol of hope,

amidst tribulation.

Keep faith in your heart,

for it carries the key,

To overcome the challenges

that life may decree.

So, journey onward,

dear warrior,

with hope in your heart,

Knowing that you’re never alone,

we’re never apart.

May the winds of recovery

guide you to shore,

And may your cancer journey

find its end,


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