Your Cancer Team

In the battle against a fearsome foe,

A band of warriors, hearts aglow, 

They stand as one, a cancer team, 

Defenders of life and hope, a dream.

Surgeons with hands steady and true, 

Excising the enemy, old cells renew,

Their skills with scalpels and sutures, 

In pursuit of healing and a future noble.

Oncologists, stewards of potions rare, 

Balancing risk and hope with the utmost care, 

Guiding us through the trying fray,

With gentle wisdom, they light the way.

Radiologists, masters of hidden sight,

Revealing the foe, concealed in the night, 

With beams of truth, they pierce the dark,

Charting a path for warriors to embark.

Nurses, compassionate sentinels of grace, 

Support and solace, they embrace,

Tending to wounds, both body and soul, 

Their nurturing touch makes us whole.

Pharmacists, guardians of the elixirs of life, 

They wield power to ease our strife,

Mixing the compounds, the cure they bring, 

A subtle art, triumph they’ll sing.

the battle against a fearsome foe,

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