Chemo Battle Poem

In the chamber of healing, where warriors tread, 

A battle commences, for life’s fragile thread. 

The first session of chemo, a journey begun, 

The dawn of a war that must surely be won. 

With trepidation, the room’s threshold crossed, 

Embracing the unknown, fear tightly embossed. 

A tapestry of faces, both solemn and kind, 

In a sea of shared struggle, solace they find. 

Upon cushioned recliners, they quietly rest, 

The intravenous nectar in their veins manifest. 

A cocktail of potions, a bittersweet taste, 

As chemo’s fierce power engages with haste. 

A tide of emotions, like waves on the shore, 

In the midst of the storm, they silently roar. 

Courage and hope, a beacon of light, 

Guiding them through the unyielding night. 

In the eyes of their loved ones, the fire burns bright, 

A flame of devotion, igniting the fight. 

Bound by their love, a formidable force, 

Sustaining the spirit, steering the course. 

The first session of chemo, a moment engraved, 

In the chronicles of battles, relentlessly braved. 

A testimony to strength, a story untold,

 Of warriors who rise, resilient and bold. 

So let us remember, as the journey unfolds, 

The beauty in the struggle, the courage it holds. 

For in this sacred chamber, where warriors unite, 

The first session of chemo, heralds the light. 

A cancer diagnosis, a heavy blow
Emotional trauma, hard to show
The fear, the doubt, the unknown ahead
A life disrupted, a path misread
A whirlwind of emotions, hard to contain
Anxiety, anger, and endless pain
A battle to fight, a war to wage
A journey ahead, a difficult stage
The tears that fall, the sleepless nights
The endless questions, the endless fights
The pain that lingers, the scars that remain
A heart that’s broken, a soul in pain
A support system, a vital aid
A hand to hold, a shoulder to braid
Love and care, a soothing balm
A light in the darkness, a healing calm
A will to live, a hope to cling
A heart that beats, a song to sing
A warrior’s spirit, a strength to rise
A life to cherish, a hope that lies
In the end, a lesson learned
A journey that forever burned
A life that’s precious, a love that’s true
A battle won, a life renewed.

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